This blog features various approaches to writing about music, including:

Art About Music
Visual work with musical themes.

Brett’s Sound Picks
Favorite recordings of the year.

Book Reviews/Notes On
Discussion in detail or in brief about a book about music.

Curating The Week
Three music-related articles, interviews, or videos.

Discovery Chains
How one thing lead to another.

Freestyle Friday
Riffing on various topics.

Survey a range of reviews of a single recording.

Music Distillations
A haiku on a piece of music.

On The Trickle-Down Of Electronic Dance Music Aesthetics
Charting the ongoing influence of EDM style on other musical idioms.

(Parenthetical Posts)
Bring the reader “under the hood” of the blog
to explore ideas not written about in my regular blog posts.

Poetry about music.

Poetry As Theory
Present quotations from poems as (music) theory.

Reading Analogically
Present quotations from non-music sources that are relevant to thinking about music.

Resonant Thoughts
Present quotations from books that are especially compelling.

Theory As Poetry
Present quotations from theory as poetry.

Present fictional conversations between two entities about musical topics.

Working Knowledge
Share lessons from my work.