In a post on the Freesounds website a few days ago I noted how easy it is for sounds to go free: how anyone can upload or download sound samples to and from this website and use them in their work.  But while sounds may go free, in many parts of the world the people who make these sounds are considerably less free to express themselves (freely) through music and sound.  This is not something that usually crosses your mind much when you’re in a position to do whatever you want artistically, but music censorship is alive and well.

Freemuse–the World Forum on Music and Censorship–is a Denmark-based independent organization that “advocates freedom of expression for musicians and composers worldwide.”  According to their website, Freemuse is guided by “the principles outlined in the United Nations Declaration of Human rights as they apply specifically to musicians and composers.”

You can search the Freemuse website by country/region, artist name, and even subject/theme.  Freemuse also offers an array of links to books, articles, films, speeches, radio broadcasts, and recordings pertaining to music censorship.

Visit Freemuse here.

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