Curating The Week: Music-Related Stuff Online


1. An article about a concert hall simulator that provides musicians with the experience of a virtual audience.

“Practising is a very private thing. You don’t want anyone else to hear. But [with] the performance … you want to have the feeling of giving to the audience, and then [have] something coming back.”

2. An article about Roger Linn’s Linnstrument, a velocity-sensitive controller.

“Linn is convinced this is how music will be defined in the 21st century: MPCs, software, and grids. ‘If I want a violin sound, I don’t want to hold a piece of wood between my chin and my neck. I want to have keys that are ergonomically spaced for human hands, not a neck that’s so small I can’t possibly play it in tune unless I study for five years.'”

“For proof of the MIDI’s woeful sonic performance, look no further than the demise of the musical solo. Resuming his lecture, Linn presents a persuasive theory. ‘Is there any famous virtuoso player of electronic instruments you can name? The closest thing we have are EDM DJs, who don’t actually play any notes. The concept of an instrumental solo has virtually disappeared from today’s electronically generated pop music. I’d argue this is due to the lack of any compelling instrumental performance.'”

3. Folklorist Alan Lomax’s archive of recorded songs and interviews is now available online.

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