Curating The Week: Music-Related Stuff Online


1. An app based on Steve Reich’s “Clapping Music.”

“Steve Reich’s Clapping Music is a free game that improves your rhythm by challenging you to play Steve Reich’s ground-breaking work–a piece of music performed entirely by clapping. Tap in time with the constantly shifting pattern, and progress through all of the variations.”

2. A 2011 interview with Brian Eno.

“I always ask myself: How can I use what I see? How does that fit in with what I’m doing? And then when I like something, I immediately start to analyze it: Why do I like it? What parts did I like most? Is it something that I do better or do they do it better? Is it something they do that I don’t do at all, but should? On the rare occasion that I happen to go out, I’m constantly processing these kinds of questions.”

3. A song sung in different acoustic environments to show how landscape shapes the sound of music:

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