Curating The Week: On Musical Chills, Deep Listening, And Brian Eno


1. An article about why and how music gives us chills.

“…the chemical that’s released during musical chills, dopamine, is one that is also acted on by things like cocaine or amphetamine or other intensely pleasurable experiences.”

2. An article about deep listening–not in a musical context but certainly applicable to one.

“Avoid preconceived notions, assumptions, judgments. If you imagine you know what someone’s going to say, you might not listen. Deep listening involves an openness to ideas, to others, and a willingness to suspend judgment.”

3. A video interview with Brian Eno.

“I use this word ‘surrender’ quite a lot and it doesn’t immediately have the right connotation, but there’s not another word for it. What I mean by surrender is a sort of active choice not to take control. So it’s an active choice to be part of the flow of something…For me the perfect analogy is surfing—which I don’t do by the way but I have watched with some interest. I don’t do anything really, I just watch documentaries about it and then make theories…What you see when you watch someone surfing is they take control momentarily—situate themselves on a wave—then surrender…We tend to dignify the control side of the spectrum more than the surrender phase.”

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