Curating The Week: Prince, Sub Bass, And The Roland TR-808



1. An interview with the musical force known as Prince.

“I don’t think people learn technique any more. There are no great jazz-fusion bands. I grew up seeing Weather Report, and I don’t see anything remotely like that now. There’s nothing to copy from, because you can’t go and see a band like Weather Report. Al di Meola, the guitar player, he’d just stand in the centre of the stage, soloing, until everyone gives him a standing ovation. Those were the memories that I grew up with and that made me want to play.”

2. An article about sub bass.

“Nosebleeds at festivals, trance states at dance clubs, intimidation by car audio—multiple subwoofers have their place in the various physical experiences people seek from music…sound pressure is energy, and communicating energy can be a large part of what music is about.”

3. A short film by Nelson George about the Roland TR-808:

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