Questions For A Composer About Music


How do you want people to use your music?

Is it for sitting-still listening?

Is it for dancing while listening?

Is it to soundtrack a film?

Is it to help you study?

Is it to set a mood on a date?

Is it to accompany a text?

Is it a working through of a theory?

Is it to bring a large group together?

Is it for musicians who play the same family of instruments to play together?

Is it to sell a product?

Is it to facilitate prayer, worship, or meditation?

Is it for headphones?

Is it for the club?

Is it to give voice to a cause?

Is it for a choir to sing?

Is it a verse-chorus affair?

Is it notated?

Is it improvised?

Is it in call and response with another, earlier piece of music?

Is it disturbing? Relaxing?

Is it for children or adults?

Is it intended to be therapeutic?

Is it for sale?

Is it open for translation, for cover versions and remixes?

Is it for one socio-cultural-economic group more than another?

Is it machine-driven?

Is it 100 percent acoustic?

Do you like it?

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