Curating The Week: On The Sound Of Women’s Voices, The Biological Origins Of Rhythm, And Manfred Eicher


An article about the history of policing women’s voices.

“There’s a long history of men telling women to avoid rhetorical excess and to use their indoor voices.”

An article on the biological origins of rhythm.

“Beat keeping might be rooted in a really old, widely conserved mechanism, which is basically how brains communicate. What is more interesting is why some animals don’t do it.”

An article on ECM records founder Manfred Eicher.

“There are little details that make sometimes a huge difference…It’s not a question of technical things. That also is part of it, but it’s important for me as a producer how to talk to a musician while recording, what to articulate more or less in front of the microphones. I will be their first listener, and for me it’s important how someone is phrasing, how they are creating their sound, the colours, the suspension. You can guide the music to a certain degree, or you cannot guide it…but you have to pay close attention to the sound that comes out.”

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