Curating The Week: On Music Fandom, Aristocracy In Popular Music, And Reggae Drumming Intros


An article about music fandom.

“My fandom is obsessive, possessive and largely static. When I am lucky enough to identify with a piece of music, I cling to it like a relic. There’s no use trying to convince me that my artifact is something other than my own personal Dead Sea Scrolls, something to help me parse or articulate where I fit in the world.”

An article about aristocracy in popular music.

“Pop culture has been firmly overtaken by corporations. Instead of a natural rotation of power, we now have lifetime dictators such as the Rolling Stones and AC/DC, for whom the audience pay for the ‘privilege’ of watching formerly great individuals being propped-up in stadiums or on polo-fields long past their prime, still pretending that they remain the best the world has to offer.”

A history of the evolution of reggae drumming through the drum introductions of Wailers musician Carlton Barrett.

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