Curating The Week: An Alva Noto-Ryuichi Sakamoto Duet, Lorenzo Senni, Acoustic Prisms

• A video of Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamato making music with singing bowls, crotales, and electronics.


An article on producer Lorenzo Senni.

“Senni’s handling of sound stems from his university days in Bologna. ‘My studies were theoretical’, he says. ‘I wasn’t studying notes or how to play piano, I did this myself, but my studies were about musicology, so basically analysing Bach and Mozart to see why they would put one chord after another.’ This methodology influenced the way he viewed music generally; Senni wasn’t interested in trance as a whole, but in particular parts. He began cutting out the build-ups from tracks and looping them.”

An article on acoustic prisms.

“The so-called acoustic prism comprises a 40-centimeter-long hollow aluminum case with a series of 10 holes on its side. Within, flexible polymer membranes divide the case into chambers. These barriers vibrate and transmit sound to neighboring cavities with a delay that depends on a sound wave’s frequency. When the delayed waves escape from the holes, they are refracted in different directions so that waves with the lowest frequencies (comparable to red light) can be heard at the end nearest to the source, whereas higher frequencies (comparable to blue light) are refracted farther down the device”.

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