Resonant Thoughts: Kyle Beachy’s “The Most Fun Thing” (2021)

“In a world increasingly data driven and surveilled, skateboarding lives beneath scoring and resists all datazation by establishing everything as a performance. It deflects the surveillance state by its primal devotion to documenting and sharing itself, monitoring every possible development, repetition, and failure. It preempts the onslaught of observation by embracing it. To preempt is to deflect, but also to admit defeat. Luckily, skateboarders are shameless—in this way, they’re the perfect actors to play the role of themselves.” (107)

“The moment we have two of a thing we create form
and create an energy of relation.” (219)

“Style is analog. Style is a matter of perception.” (283)

Kyle Beachy, The Most Fun Thing (2021)

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