Curating The Week: Attention, Time, Decolonizing Electronic Music Software

An essay about attention (and time).

“The phrase attention economy poses attention as a commodity to be portioned off and sold, usually on the internet. (We also say that attention is something to be ‘paid.’) But maybe attention is more a state of mind, akin to happiness or disgust, than a currency. It’s a feeling, a state of alertness that we can choose to enter, forestalling judgment for the sake of gathering information. The best artists coax us into this state, then manipulate that focus.”

A comic about time (and attention).

An article about decolonizing electronic music software.

“It’s not that the music they make will sound ‘more Western, but it is forced into an unnatural rigidity,’ Allami says. ‘The music stops being in tune with itself. A lot of the culture will be gone. It’s like cooking without your local spices, or speaking without your local accent. For me, that’s a remnant of a colonial, supremacist paradigm. The music is colonized in some way.’”

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