Resonant Thoughts: Jason Karp On Rhythm

“It’s a lot about rhythm and trying to find that rhythm and let the rhythm carry you
so you don’t feel like you’re having to push the whole time.
Let the rhythm carry you through the whole way.

It makes the rhythm bigger: when you have more than one person there it’s the collective rhythm that carries the group the whole way, and that’s very powerful.

I want them to feel that rhythm in sync: the legs, the arms, the breathing, the heartbeat. Because that’s what creates the entire feeling of the workout. I want them to adopt that feeling because that will serve them well when it’s time to race because they can lock into certain feelings…Even though we spend a lot of time on the watch and we want them to run a specific pace, to link that pace to how it feels—that’s a very important thing for a runner to adopt, to recognize, and to learn.”

– Jason Karp

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