Resonant Thoughts: John Salvatier’s “Reality has a surprising amount of detail” (2017)

“The direction for improvement is clear: seek detail you would not normally notice about the world. When you go for a walk, notice the unexpected detail in a flower or what the seams in the road imply about how the road was built. When you talk to someone who is smart but just seems so wrong, figure out what details seem important to them and why…As you learn, notice which details actually change how you think.

If you wish to not get stuck, seek to perceive what you have not yet perceived.”

– John Salvatier (

Curating The Week: Chairs, Pandit Jasraj, Systems Thinking

An article on the ergonomics of chairs.

“Chairs are generally not a response to the realities of the body, its natural evolution, or its needs over any extended period. Instead, the industrialised body has devolved in its needs and succumbed to chairs.”

Pandit Jasraj (1930-2020).

“A very senior musician brought my relationship with my percussion instrument to an abrupt end by deriding me for beating a dead animal’s skin and therefore utterly unqualified to talk about the finer points of music. I decided then that I would henceforth only sing.”

An article on systems thinking.

“Words have power, and in systems thinking, we use some very specific words that intentionally define a different set of actions to mainstream thinking.”