What Chord Are You?

Could a chord–two or more pitches sounding simultaneously–capture your essence, sum up who and how you feel yourself to be at a particular time and place? Are you a sunny major triad kind of person, or a minor key tolling?  Are you open and consonant, in tune with yourself, like a perfect octave or fifth?  Are you a diminished soul, turning inward by half steps, or are you augmented, always stretching just a little beyond?  Do you have added layers to you, like a triad with a major second or sixth blurring and ambiguating what you feel?  Do have the cool energy of a suspended chord?  Are you like a four- or five-note jazz harmony, all stacked up like a major 9 chord’s lush sonorities?  Or are you something else–a big jumble of notes full of dissonance, clashing semi- and tri-tones ringing out for attention, looking for some kind of resolution?

If you happen to be near a keyboard while reading this post, try out some of the chord shapes displayed here by playing the pink colored notes.  Once you have found the right keys, hold down the notes to let them ring and listen to how each chord shape makes a constellation of sound that feels different from the next . . .

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