On Music and Socialization

17 Views On Music

Music takes us unawares,
through a good beat,
a sneaky melody
or cloud of harmony-

working our circuits
of desire, to beckon
our bodies and respond
to love and its pleasures-

proposes a solution
to its own internal problem,
a sonic equation
of fugal symmetries and angles-

triggers the memory
tombs and resurrects
lost and forgotten
threads of lives led-

coats the passing
hours of waiting,
a Muzak for something
real or about to happen-

invites the receptive
into a secret society
of sorcerers speaking
in alternative tongues-

fizzes and transmits,
calories to burn,
in sync and onwards
to keep going
on the fitness machine-

pierces and tattoos
a badge of belonging
fusing identities
but only skin deep-

follows the Word,
but as second-best orator,
inarticulate and crude,
an accompanying child-

helps you believe
in sacraments and symbols
through pedal tone chords
and organ-rich clusters-

fits in your pocket,
a pod of I-ness,
a playlist of you
its songs as you like them-

makes (Jacques) Attali proud
prophesizing tomorrow
a horizon of Now
made present before arrival-

replicates fast,
a parasitical meme
in search of a listening
host to inhabit
for a time-

reflects what we want
to see of ourselves or the world,
a signifying practice,
a mirror in sound-

disciplines body-mind
skeleton, senses and skin
through practice of touch
and repetition of din-

brings us together
in sing-along joy,
a chorus of voices
in unison, as one-

cries of a past
when living was sung
and rhythms were spun
not atomized and broken
and our species
was young.

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