General Notes On Practice

Practice is the pudding’s proof.

Practice tests the theory.

Practice is physical, experiential, and embodied knowledge.

Practice can’t lie.

Practice is the best you can do at this moment.

Practice reveals how much you know (and didn’t even know you knew).

Practice is a level playing field.

Practice is tradition’s transportation.

Practice problematizes tradition, highlighting its gaps and weak points.

Practice is not theory in action, but rather its own distinct modality of thinking and affect.

Practice can trick us into believing that we “know our stuff”, even though in this case, the knowing and the stuff are one and the same.

Practice touches us more deeply than theory ever could, because we always respond to action.

Practice is a reflective surface, and can be learned by imitation.

Practice is contagious.

Practice is a high-beam light focused on a small area of doing.

Practice can rely on muscle memory, or in-the-moment thinking.

Practice can earn accolades, even though it’s a shared cultural commons rather than individual property.

Practice doesn’t wonder “what if?” but instead enacts “this is…”

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