Curating The Week: Music-Related Stuff On The Internet


1. An article by drummer Michael Barron about the latest creation of my favorite instrument designer, Roger Linn. The article also includes YouTube videos of several other new multi-touch expressive musical controllers.

“In fifty years’ time I think people will still be playing piano, guitars, and violins, but I also think they will be playing electronic instruments — actually performing virtuosic work upon them. What these will look or sound like, I don’t know.”

2. A review of Rewire: Digital Cosmopolitans in the Age Of Connection.

“Our challenge is not access to information; it is the challenge of paying attention.”

3. An hour-long performance by German musician Phelios. Phelios uses a number of Elektron instruments as well as a Roland TR-8.

“Electronic music across genres often strays from traditional instrumental performance. The very nature of the technology means you’re often not playing every note. But you can make the process of assembly a performance, and something that involves audience participation, and surprise.”
Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music

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