Curating The Week: Music-Related Stuff On The Internet


1. An interview with composer Phil Kline on “Unsilent Night,” his open-ended 1992 piece for mobile boomboxes (and now, iPhones).

“What was most pleasantly surprising, when we hit ‘play’, and I heard the sound, was that it combined with the fabric and the soundscape of the city. It was like an elemental DNA connection. They just seemed to flow together, and we all felt this very powerfully. This didn’t seem strange at all. It seemed like we were doing a very natural and beautiful thing.”

2. An article about physicists using a leaky faucet to find chaos in music.

“The Indian researchers, who posted their findings last week to arXiv, recorded drops as they collided with a metal bowl located underneath their ‘faucet.’ These collisions were recorded as data points on a spreadsheet which, over time, revealed droplet frequencies.”

3. A compelling article by Paul Morley about how classical music may be more relevant and subversive than pop.

“I now listen to much more classical music than I do pop or rock and on the surface that might seem like a classic, clichéd, late-life move into a conservative, grown-up and increasingly remote world. For me, though, it has been more a move to where the provocative, thrilling and transformative ideas are, mainly because modern pop and rock has become the status quo.”

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