Curating The Week: Music-Related Stuff Online


1. An article about a new way to play old recordings without touching them with a stylus.

“The technique relies on a microscope to create images of the grooves in exquisite detail. A computer approximates–with great accuracy–the sounds that would have been created by a needle moving through those grooves.”

2. An article about modern protest music in the UK and elsewhere.

“…music is just as political as it ever has been–it’s just that now, it explores politics through artists’ own lived experiences, rather than by replicating the staid traditions of the past.”

3. An article about using global warming data to create music for string quartet.

“Each instrument represents a specific part of the Northern Hemisphere. The cello matches the temperature of the equatorial zone. The viola tracks the mid latitudes. The two violins separately follow temperatures in the high latitudes and in the arctic.”


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