Curating The Week: Music-Related Stuff Online


1. A conversation between electronic musician Robert Henke and musical instrument designer Tom Oberheim.

Henke: “A lot of successful artists I admire know surprisingly little about technology, and this allows them to use the technology with innocence, but also with informed, artistic ideas. This is extremely powerful. This is not a working path because I understand what’s going on. The type of resonance I need to seek between the machine and me is a different one. I need to find the fascination among the things I know, or on the edge of the things I know. I’m not fascinated anymore by turning the cut of the frequency of the filter.”

2. An article about thinking and complexity.

“Even if we are not scientists, every day we are challenged to make judgments and decisions about technical matters like vaccinations, financial investments, diet supplements and, of course, global warming. If our discourse on such topics is to be intelligent and productive, we need to dip below the surface and grapple with the complex underlying issues. The myths can seduce one into believing there is an easier path, one that doesn’t require such hard work.”

3. A 1966 interview with saxophonist John Coltrane, animated.

“It’s only when something is trying to come through that I really practice.”

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