Brett’s Sound Picks: Alva Noto’s “Xerrox”

Two pieces from Alva Noto’s Xerrox that I like:

The first piece, “Xerrox 2ndevol”, has three layers at work: a soundscape of buzzing, a drone-chord that oscillates between a root note and its relative up a fifth, and a bubble lead tone that bounces among a few pitches, creating suspense.

The second piece, “Xerrox Radieuse”, is formed out of a slowly pulsating synthetic chord wash in a three count, underneath which are three sub bass tones–three pulses long on the first two, six on the third–daring you to follow the meter. The music is enveloping and majestic. As its textures build they create the feeling of a giant safety net, scooping you up.

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