Curating The Week: Music-Related Stuff Online



1. A short film about the American artist Agnes Martin with a soundtrack by UK electronic musician Actress.

“You are what goes through your mind, whether you are aware of it or not. But if you can become aware of it and if you then can try to express it, then you are an artist.”

2. An article about how job applicants are screened for “poshness” which includes the sound of their accents.

“I recruited somebody…she’s short of polish. We need to talk about the way that she articulates, the way that she, first, chooses words and, second, the way she pronounces them.

“When I went home…I could go back to, if you like, my old slight twang. When I’m in this environment I pretend I’m posher than I am.”

3. An article about electronic musician Moritz von Oswald and his musical interests.

“Drumming was fascinating…It’s something that grabbed me immediately – the sound I got from this variety of instruments. When you study classical drums, it’s a high range of colours of sound. The drum sounds to me are three-dimensional, the way they open up a room. I call them ‘non-tonal structures’: snare drum and cymbal, these are in-between sounds. I tried to get further into this, and get the best sound from all these instruments. I was always a sound guy.”

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