Curating The Week: Crafting A Pop Hit, Laraaji, And New York Hardcore Music


1. An article and a mini documentary about how two DJ-producers and a famous singer collaborated to create a pop hit.

“What you want is an earworm that you can literally listen to an hour or two in a row and not get bored of it.”

2. An interview with the musician Laraaji.

“My music began to reflect an inner sense of reality that I contacted through meditation, an inner sense of constant stillness, quiet, harmony, peace and serenity, and universal oneness. These themes found their way into my musical expression, along with, still I did jazz and bop and jam-alongs when I lived in Park Slope, New York. Coffee house jams, loft music jams. We’d go through the whole gamut of music, but my electric zither at that time was surfacing and the music that I offered into all these experiences was usually this flowing ambient textural continual kind of atmospherical space music. That was around the late ’70s.”

3. An article on the New York hardcore music scene.

“From the beginning, one of the defining oddities of NYHC was young punk kids becoming devotees of Hare Krishna. With its link to George Harrison and psychedelia and its connotations of meditative transcendence, Hare Krishna was almost the total opposite of hardcore’s crudeness and insistent negativity.”

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