Curating The Week: Brian Eno’s Peel Lecture, Low Bit Recordings, And J.S. Bach’s Crab Canon


1. Brian Eno gives the Peel Lecture on the BBC.

“Art is everything you don’t have to do…What are we doing when we make art and when we consume it?”

2. An article about learning to appreciate low bit rates on recordings.

“Songs ripped from CDs, uploaded to streaming sites, shared via P2P, and burned back to a CD mixtape have incredible amounts of distortion, something akin to today’s over-compressed Instagram memes. Those memes…carry the signifiers of their virality, a byproduct of a missing repost option on Instagram and its users ingenuity to circumvent that barrier to share another photo of Kermit sipping the tea.”

3. A beautiful animation of J.S. Bach’s Crab Canon. If you like symmetry you might like this:


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