Curating The Week: The Cove App, The Effects Of Extreme Music, And The Origins Of Rock and Roll


1. An article about Cove, an app that helps users make sense of their emotions using music.

“The app helps you make music that shows how you feel, whether it’s happy, sad or anywhere in between. After making these mood pieces, you can share them with important friends or family, which can help them understand your confusing feelings.”


2. An article about a study that shows how listening to extreme music makes listeners happy and calm.

“‘In contrast to previous studies linking loud and chaotic music to aggression and delinquency,’ this study ‘showed listeners mostly became inspired and calmed by their metal. The music helped them explore the full gamut of emotion they felt.'”

3. An article about Sam Phillips and the genesis of rock and roll (based on a recent book by Peter Guralnick).

“He recorded a style of music that the major record companies—there were six of them when he started out, and they dominated the national market—had deemed unprofitable. But he helped identify an audience, and that audience transformed the industry and the nature of popular music.”

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