Curating The Week: The Appeal Of Analog, The Casio MT-40, And Lydia Goehr on The Functions Of Music


1. An article on the hold of the analog in the digital world.

“It turns out that while the digital often comes close to crushing its analog precedents, that process can do something curious to its putative victims: underscore their virtues, elevate their status and transform the formerly workaday into something rarefied, special, even luxurious…What has really changed is not the intrinsic nature of analog objects or processes, but rather our attitude toward them.”

2. An article about the use of the Casio Casiotone MT-40 to make the “sleng teng” riddim, the first computerized and most rerecorded rhythm in Jamaican music.

“Budding reggae artists no longer needed session musicians or expensive equipment. Now, anyone with a microphone, tape machine and a modest keyboard or sampler could make ‘pro’ riddims.”

3. A must see six-minute video interview with philosopher Lydia Goehr about understanding the functions of music.

“Music becomes interesting for philosophy because music is taken to be something mysterious and unexplainable so philosophy has to solve its problem…All the time when you ask what music is, I will turn the question and say, What are we doing when we engage music in a particular way?”

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