Curating The Week: Noise Music In Yoga Classes, Coldplay’s Banal/Powerful Music, And A Bluegrass Version Of A Metallica Song


1. An article about the use of noise music in yoga classes.

“The focus of yoga creates a really good environment to appreciate sound, in a deep listening kind of way…Intense music creates a kind of mindfulness as well, in that it can be very aggressive in displacing thoughts.”

2. An essay about the banality/power of Coldplay’s music.

“But at the heart of Coldplay’s allure is a talent for capturing something fundamental to contemporary living. The most I can say is this: their best songs make me feel like I am in a mobile phone advert, or sitting in a gleaming airport terminal, luxuriating in a brief moment of respite from sensory overload. They specialise in fuzzy, redemptive qualities that are almost indefinable…”

3. A bluegrass version of a Metallica song:



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