3 thoughts on “Gong Music

  1. Hi.

    Im a regular reader of you page – and I really like it.

    I would particularly like to hear a sample of gong music but there doesn’t seem to be a ‘play’ button.

    am i missing something?


    John Mercer (Musician!) Cambridge UK


  2. Ignore my note below…..

    I just clicked on it again and it went to CD baby site so all is well.

    I like the idea of taking a single complex sound and extracting its DNA to grow new sound forms. I did something similar and much cut down (and only used as a as a sample in a piece) using a cymbal hit stretched the granulation point.

    I am currently working on a meditation on Bach’s chaconne 9Which i play on guitar) but Im hoping to do a one hour exploration of its themes and variations.

    i have a music writing blog site (not updated recently I’m afraid – its so hard to keep these things going! – I don’t know how to make the time. But you might be interested in some of my writing on things similar to the things you write. http://mjkmercer.com


    John Mercer


    1. Thanks for your comment John. There is also an orange play button on the bottom left hand side of the image in the blog post. The audio file is on Soundcloud.
      There are many interesting things on your blog that I have just begun to check out. Making the time to write is difficult–I do much writing on my phone while in transit, in fact!
      I agree that taking a single sound and building upon its DNA–through granular synthesis or other means–is endlessly interesting. The pieces on my singing bowl, four piano, and gong music releases proceed in similar way–from an initial improvisation.
      It might be interesting for you to write about your experiences with your Bach meditation…

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