Curating The Week: On Tim Hecker, Composers Doing Field Research, And The Decline Of EDM


An interview with electronic musician Tim Hecker.

“It’s a fight to dial into something that has meaning.”

An article about composers doing field research.

“With a sense of racing against time, composers are conducting field research with the goal of preserving or celebrating lost tongues in their work.”

An article about the decline of electronic dance music.

“EDM—the hype-fueled, glowstick-twirling meeting of Southern California rave culture, Vegas bombast, youthful hedonism, and corporations eager to cash in—was always an unsustainable proposition. Like capitalism, it was predicated on limitless growth—ever bigger main stages, ever fatter paychecks for the DJs, ever brighter sparklers jutting from the jeroboams in the VIP section. But as everyone knows, that shit can’t go on forever. The bursting of the EDM bubble was a foregone conclusion.”

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