Curating The Week: Noise And Learning, Minimalism, And A Composer’s Personal Contract


An article on the effects of noise on learning.

“A new study finds that toddlers have trouble learning words when there’s too much background noise…’It’s not that everything needs to be in quiet, but that at least some of the day the children should have an opportunity to hear language where there aren’t lots of other sounds in the background,’ such as TVs, radios, loud toys, or media devices.”

An article about the cultural history of minimalism and its meanings.

“The fetishized austerity and performative asceticism of minimalism is a kind of ongoing cultural sickness.”

A composer’s Manifesto–a Personal Contract for the Composition of Music.

“It’s a real trap making music for other people. I think we’re reaching the end of the audience–it’s just a conversation between different people doing different things.”


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