Curating The Week: Film Music, Musical Universals, The Power Of Spotify Playlists


An article and series of videos about the influence of temp music on film music soundtracks.

An article about musical universals.

“Over the last two decades, I have found myself gradually forced to abandon the incommensurability doctrine and accept—at first begrudgingly, but over time with a growing confidence and certainty—the existence of a whole host of musical universals, ones that are typically ignored or downplayed in world music studies.”

An article about the promotional power of Spotify playlists.

“Overnight I was lifted out of the musty basement section where men with National Health spectacles hang out, and up on to the shiny new rack next to the checkout counter. All because I composed a solo piano piece that Spotify in deemed fit to feature on one of its more popular playlists. “Peaceful piano” with 1.9m subscribers put me in the company of Ludovico Einaudi, Nils Frahm and Max Richter and gifted me on average 25,000 plays a day.”

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