Curating The Week: The Politics Of Listening, Fake Musical Personas, Twitter


• An article about the effect of one’s political orientation on one’s music preferences.

“Where conservatives prize ‘security and conformity,’ liberals value ‘self-expression and stimulation.’ With regard to artistic tastes conservatives generally favor familiar works, predictability, and ‘simplicity and realism,’ liberals, in contrast, prefer novelty, and ‘complexity and abstractions.’ Of the two groups, conservatives ‘have stronger implicit attachments to tradition, stability, long-held values, conformity, and order.'”

• An article about a session musician posing as an untutored blues player.

“It was clear in interviews that Steve understood why people liked his gutbucket, ultra lo-fi music: ‘People are tired of everything being so fancy. There’s always been fancy music around and complicated shit’ he sniffed in an uncomplicated way, and talked of how he dreamed about getting sponsorship from John Deere, or a whisky manufacturer.”

• An article about the wonders of Twitter.

“It’s like having every sort of expert imaginable on speed dial: investigative reporters, policy wonks, renowned scholars, scientists, musicians, artists, historians, you name it—and being able to tap into their thinking and inside sources.”

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