Curating The Week: New Age Music, Sahel Sounds, Black Lives Matter Music


An article about the resurgence of New Age Music.

“Interest in mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation have become more popular with younger audiences…Vintage new age music from the 1970s and 1980s continues its process of rediscovery, possibly without the baggage that originally surrounded it the first time around.”

•The trailer for the upcoming film “A Story of Sahel Sounds”:

An article about the pro-black music emerging concurrent with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Black artists have channeled the weight of their systematic oppression, both directly and indirectly, into forms of expression that have forever shaped the Western canon. The history of contemporary music cannot be pulled apart from that of black resistance, and vice versa. Gospel’s roots can be traced to fields of slaves seeking resilience in communal song. The mold for blues, itself the precursor to rock’n’roll, was cast by black performers committing the woes of post-slavery Southern life to song. Jazz was the byproduct of black musicians exploring European musical traditions after decades of being stripped of their own. Soul and funk were shaped by a segregated music industry. Hip-hop first found its footing as an avenue for black youth to verbally paint the challenges of inner city life. Electronic music as we know it is indebted to house music’s emergence within Chicago’s ostracized queer and black underground club community.”

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