Curating The Week: John Berger, The ‘Pop-Drop’ Sound, Clapping On The Off-Beats


• An interview with John Berger (1926-2017).

“The primary thing wasn’t to say whether a work was good or bad; it was rather to look and try to discover the stories within it. There was always this connection between art and all the other things that were happening in the world at the time, many of which were, in the wider sense of the word, political.”

And this short video:

“Creation is the constant correction of errors.”

• An article on the “pop-drop” sound (or: trickle-down of electronic dance music aesthetics)

“Finally, the pop-drop lands. The singer literally drops out, replaced by synthesizers and chopped-up, distorted vocal samples that vaguely reference the earlier lyrics. There is no need to sing along. Paired with a syncopated beat, the pop-drop invites the listener to just feel the music in a way that’s unexpected, revelatory and just plain fun.”

• Harry Connick Jr. gets his audience’s 2 & 4 clapping onto the off-beats! (at 0:40):

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