(parenthetical post)


(What do you want this blog to accomplish? I’m not sure it has any practical applications, but it has something to do with exploring creativity, cultivating risk-taking, and practicing the habit of sharing. Who is your audience? Not sure, though some of the followers I do know personally. Do you ‘own your product category’? That’s marketing speak! No, I probably don’t own a category. Is the blog about self-promotion? It could be, but that aspect hasn’t worked out so far. Besides, promotion strikes me as a conflict of interest between sharing the work of others and pushing my own. I usually chose others’ first. Do you read other blogs? A few sports and technology and cooking ones. Do you like music? Sometimes I love it, other times I would prefer not to hear it at all. I’m careful with how much I get. What are the main themes you’re pursuing through this blog? Invention, and discovering new connections and ideas with the hope that one day a bunch of the data points will connect and add up to something larger. Has that happened yet? No, but there have been accumulations. Advice for aspiring bloggers? Write about your own experiences, but also try disappear into your material.)

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