Freestyle: Music Aphorisms 4


There’s musical repetition that creates a groove, and repetition that stands in for having new ideas. In some musics these two functions co-exist.

Electronic music instructional videos would be more inspiring if they showed emotional composing/improvising/performing in addition to problem-solving.

Electronic music compensates for the lack of physicality in its production
through an excess of volume in its reproduction.

The hidden dialectics of electronic music software reside in non-obvious creative workflows.

The sound of acoustic orchestral music flourishes (in film, TV)
as an echo of the music’s established meanings (from the concert hall).

The thing that makes pop songs initially catchy
is the same thing that makes them, sooner or later, annoying.

A music is deemed popular by broad consensus or innovative by narrow acclaim.
Once in a long while these assessments co-exist.

Music that holds something back keeps you coming back to it.

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