Resonant Thoughts: Erling Kagge’s “Silence” (2017)


“Negative beauty—by virtue of all that is not present.”

“I am constantly interrupted, interruptions engendered by other interruptions. I rummage around in a world that has little to do with me. Attempt to be effective until I realize I won’t get any further regardless of how effective I’ve become.”

“The essential thing is the contrast between a little and a lot. It works every time. Your brain is eager to tune in when the music is in a borderland where it can fluctuate—suddenly it’s quiet, a sound follows a soundless pause, or else you dance and wait for the tone to shift or the volume to change. It feels like your brain is expanding outwards.”

– Erling Kagge, Silence (2017), pp. 58, 75, 109

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