Resonant Thoughts: James Williams’ “Stand Out Of Our Light” (2018)



“What do you pay when you pay attention? You pay with all the things you could have attended to, but didn’t, all the goals you didn’t pursue, all the actions you didn’t take, and all the possible yous you could have been, had you attended to those other things. Attention is paid in possible futures forgone.”

-James Williams, Stand Out Of Our Light (2018)

One thought on “Resonant Thoughts: James Williams’ “Stand Out Of Our Light” (2018)

  1. Hi Tom,

    I think this book might broach a topic I’ve been thinking about, mostly because of how much time my kids spend playing video games and watching movies and videos. It’s not “a lot” but they certainly could have learned a new language or instrument, for example, in all those hours.

    In addition, what about people with ADHD? They have a really hard time directing their attention at will and their weaker executive functions get hijacked by “anything” happening in the world–the flashier the better. Their attention is “stolen” and wasted this way.

    In any case, how is the book? Did you like it?

    And, could you please come by one of these days and help Xavier with his beats?

    I hope all is well!


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