Searches That Brought You Here: Nils Frahm, David Hockney, and J. Dilla

IMG_3541 2

• Nils Frahm Delay. This search brought you to my post about the music of Nils Frahm. I wrote: “The album alternates between intimate solo piano work that is perhaps Frahm’s signature quietudes sound, and more expansive (and long) pieces built upon rolling electronic keyboard arpeggios swirling in delay-effected, rhythm deluges.”

• Hockney perspective. This search brought you to my post about perspective in David Hockney’s work. I wrote: “The effect is at once unrealistic in that you notice the artifice of Hockney’s technique and also hyper realistic in that you find yourself noticing that this is actually how we see the world: in and as a series of glances, instants, and angles that enter our field of perception for a flash before we turn our attention elsewhere. The effect is pure art: simple, yet it gets you thinking.”

Dilla MPC swing. This search brought you to my post about J. Dilla and the MPC drum machine. I wrote: “In Dilla’s music, you can hear a good sense of groove, and this groove depends on little timing variations and inconsistencies that are very much audible in the performances. Dilla’s approach has also inspired amateur musicians to think about how certain machine-made grooves move the way they do.” 

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