Curating The Week: How Musicians Talk About The Craft Of Other Musicians, Awe Walks, How To Ask A Question

An interview that illustrates how musicians talk about the craft of other musicians. Guitarist Kirk Hammett discusses Eddie Van Halen’s techniques:

“His right-hand technique, the way he hammered on strings, with super-wide intervals that a person could not humanly stretch. It was an incredible sound. And he was using it so effectively (…)

“When we listened closer, we discovered that he had a whole muting technique that was based around chords and muting selective strings. This very subtle thing that was amazing to me. And I started muting chords and muting riffs. It became a thing that I still do to this day to make riffs heavier or more percussive. That was one thing that Eddie Van Halen just handed to me right away.”

An article on awe walks.

“They found that the awe walkers seemed to have become adept at discovering and amplifying awe.”

• Grant Snyder’s illustration about how to ask a question.

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