Curating The Week: Film Music, Clark, Metadata

A critical reading of film music.

“JXL’s score is the kind of orchestral music that is easier to imagine from a synthesizer than an ensemble: one finger on the strings, another on the choral voices, a pinky sliding over to trigger the mournful military brass. The hand of Zimmer always feels present, in the influence of that inescapable Inception BWAH, and in the mingling of symphonic portent with a four-on-the-floor pulse.”

• An interview with producer Chris Clark.

“I’ve found that quite a good trick is that if you feel like you’ve put too much reverb on something just add more, or if something’s too repetitive, repeat it more. When you do that you’ll find that when you repeat a motif intentionally you‘ll do it slightly differently every time so you can build variation into these stubborn processes.”

An article about creativity, photography, and metadata.

“When you open up the metadata search in LR, take a look at what camera you use the most.  How about what lens you use?  Next, click on the camera you use most, and then in the Text field, enter an aperture.  How many images were shot at F8?  What about F2.8?  You will start to see trends in your shooting habits.”

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