Resonant Thoughts: Kit Mackintosh’s “Neon Screams” (2021)

“Vocal psychedelia is the omni-genre at the epicenter of our new musical mythology, from Jamaica to Africa to America.” […]

“Auto-Tuned artists are the new synthesizers — they’re the new samplers — and the sounds they make recalibrate your consciousness.” […]

“Music simulates the future. It war-games it. All those sci-fi sounds it produces, all of the vivid and visceral audio imagery it conjures, are premonitions and prophecies of the world that awaits us. You can be a cynic and say this is all bullshit (and you may well be right), but music becomes so much more rewarding if you don’t. So fuck it, have some fun. Suspend your disbelief for a bit and allow these musical delusions to run amok. No other popular art form is still charging forward into the future like music is. It seems to be the only medium still envisioning novel Tomorrows. Like a Voyager satellite, music is this lone, isolated technology ploughing through the outer cosmos of our collective dreamspace.” […]

“In the last fifteen years, new noises have been uncovered by musicians that we have no set way of interpreting or wrapping our imaginations around. Sounds have been created that make no sense; they have no correlates in the wider culture so they just seem to be completely alien to our ears.”

– Kit Mackintosh, Neon Screams

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