Resonant Thoughts: Robert Twigger’s “Micromastery” (2018)

“Every micromastery is there to be twisted, turned, done back to front, messed up, and generally had fun with. It’s the way you learn the variables—how far they can be pushed and how they affect each other. One of the grave errors of learning-outcome-type teaching is that it moves too swiftly for endless experimenting and mucking about. Keep drawing circles, making skulls out of clay, doing wheelies on your bike—forget learning outcomes and come out and actually learn.

Masters keep going at what they do. They bend before opposition but do not break; they take the path of least resistance, as long as it still is the path. Masters use ritual instead of repetition to achieve long-term, maybe even dimly conceived, goals. Ritual is making repetition into something fun that you look forward to, or at least tolerate.”

– Robert Twigger, Micromastery

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