Curating The Week: Craft, Ambient Music Streaming, Foley Sound

A blog post on craft and imperfection.

“As soon as we mechanize, measure and perfect something, it becomes far less interesting.”

An article on ambient music streaming.

“Now, in an era of constant uncertainty and overwhelming malaise, the new age imperative to slow down and heal thyself is deeply embedded in mainstream culture. It makes sense, then, that so many of us would be listening to ambient music all the time: for ‘Peaceful Meditation‘ in the morning (1.4 million likes on Spotify), for ‘Deep Focus‘ as we grind through the workday (3.6 million), for ‘Ambient Relaxation‘ when it’s time to log off (1.2 million), for ‘Deep Sleep‘ at night (1.5 million). The preponderance and popularity of playlists like these—not just on Spotify, but on competitors like Apple Music and YouTube as well—has furthered ambient’s slow transformation from a fringe concern into a sort of marketable commodity, like an auditory stress ball.”

An article on foley sound in film

“I thought about the way corporations can ensnare even the most delicate and specific of crafts—and the juxtaposition of expensive, mediocre entertainment and the personal, meticulous work that goes into them. I was indifferent to Buzz Lightyear and had no interest in seeing an animated film giving the origin story of a fictional toy. Yet it had been thrilling to watch the characters come to life—to emerge from silence into fully realized sonic beings, the way that static on an old television set might arrange itself into distinct images. In any case, the craft’s aesthetic ideal isn’t beauty but believability.”

I wrote a book about electronic music production. If this looks of interest to you or someone you know, I would appreciate you checking it out.

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