The Minimalist Mindset In Music Production

“Space, as my work evolved, really became my subject.”
Richard Serra

“Keep it simple stupid.”
Kelly Johnson

A minimalist hears less as more.

A minimalist simplifies music production, bracketing the experience by reducing the number of variables and possibilities considered while building a track.

A minimalist begins with a single sound.

A single sound’s qualities allow it to be a focal point, complete in and of itself, an end not a means.

A minimalist works with less, without necessarily seeking more.

More leads away from less, straying from a single sound’s simplicity. More multiplies and meanders, while less is liminal and tensioned with potential.

A minimalist builds music through reducing the elements that constitute it.

A minimum of sounds,
a minimum of structure,
a minimum of effects,
a minimum of compositional intervention

lead to

a clarity of instrumentation,
a clarity of direction,
a clarity of texture,
a clarity of feeling.

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