Curating The Week: Peter Doig On Artworks Taking Time To Resolve, Lo-fi Aesthetics, ChatGPT

• An interview with Peter Doig.

“Paintings have taken a lot of time to resolve, but I would keep them rather than abandon them—because I would think the elements were worth pursuing.”

“I don’t really like the term ‘magical realism.’ You know, the spaces that exist within the painting are really spaces that have to do with painting itself and what comes about by painting.”

An article on lo-fi aesthetics in music.

“The appeal of equipment noise and why it is still included (or artificially added) to recordings is what [Nomi] Epstein calls ‘material fragility’–where ‘the object or instrument used in sound production is damaged in such a way that it can no longer successfully carry out its function as sound-maker’…Material fragility, whether recorded from fragile media or simulated, adds a melancholic subtext to recordings. It gives the impression that this may be the last time these sounds will be heard.”

A book about ChatGPT co-written with Chat GPT.

“Essentially, GPT-4 arranges vast, unstructured arrays of human knowledge and expression into a more connected and interoperable networks, thus amplifying humanity’s ability to compound its collective ideas and impact.” […]

Principle 1: Treat GPT-4 like an undergrad research assistant, not an omniscient oracle.

Principle 2: Think of yourself as a director, not a carpenter.”

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