Notes On Marsen Jules’ “Beautyfear”

Have you listened to the music of Marsen Jules? Jules is a German electronic musician whose music I first came across some ten years ago. His sound is a kind of abstract yet atmospheric minimal wash of slow-moving and multi-layered ambient chords played using analog synthetic string timbres.

Having recently found Jules latest recording, Beautyfear, on Spotify, I was delighted to find that the musician is still holding forth on his musical terrain. My favorite track is “Beautyfear IV.” It’s a deceptively simple construction, sounding like a major scale, mi-re-do descent happening over and over again. But other tonal layers and ambiance add depth and ambiguity to the music. Does this piece have a key? Does it go anywhere? Somehow its repetition keeps putting the answers to these questions on hold. Here’s the track:

You can read more about Jules here.