Curating The Week: On Field Recording, Insect Communication, And A Conversation With Matthew Dear And Jad Abumrad


1. An article about field recording.

“Broadly, field recording can be summarised as a diverse set of practices concerned with recording sound from atmospheric, hydrophonic, geophonic, electro-magnetic and other sources. It is a sprawling pursuit, but resolves toward an interest in creating and transmitting an impression of audition in time. As field recording, in its contemporary phase, has come to be acknowledged more widely, there has been a rising tide of publications from artists scattered across the globe. These artists are primarily investigating the potentials of environments, acoustic phenomena and all manner of other auditory situations in which they find themselves.”

2. An article about sound and insect communication.

“One of the things that makes them cool,” says Symes, “is that they have really simple sensory systems — yet they parse this really complex world.”

3. A thoughtful and brief documentary about the work of Matthew Dear and Jad Abumrad.