Curating The Week: Lullabies, Music And The Brain, And Young Versus Old People Listening


1. An article about lullabies.

“What, really, is a lullaby? We can define it functionally — a song used to lull a child to sleep. In this sense, the distinctive burden of a lullaby is to be interesting enough to capture a child’s attention, but not interesting enough to keep the child awake, which is perhaps why most of the songs we think of as lullabies have a 6/8 meter and are confined to about five notes.”

2. A video about how playing music is good for your brain.

“Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full body workout.”

3. An article about how young and old people listen to music for different reasons.

“While some younger participants did refer to music’s ability to provide them with a private ‘personal space,’ the bulk of the responses suggest older people are more interested in music as an intense, inner experience, while younger ones view it as a way of escaping bad moods and connecting with friends.”


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